Gulf Coast Shipwrecks

Alabama Wrecks

The state of Alabama has approximately 53 miles of general coastline (not including bays, islands, etc.). To view a map of Alabama, click on the map image at right. 

Below is a partial list of the wrecks located off the Alabama coast. Clicking on a Vessel Name link will take you to a wreck data page where you'll find the wreck's history, specifications and pictures (when available). Use your browser's Back arrow to return here. 



Alabama Wrecks

Vessel Name Type Lost Location Depth
Allen  Liberty Ship 1970s South of Perdido Pass (AL) 95'
American Diver Submarine 1863 Mobile Bay (AL)  
Anderson  Liberty Ship 1970s SW of Perdido Pass (AL) 82'
Edwards  Liberty Ship 1970s SW of Perdido Pass (AL) 84'
Eliza Battle  River Steamer 1858 Tombigbee River (AL) 30'
CSS Gaines  Gunboat 1864 Mobile, AL 25'
CSS Huntsville  Gunboat 1865 Mobile, AL  
Ivanhoe  Steamer 1864 East of Mobile Bay (AL)  
Lipscomb  Tug   SW of Perdido Pass (AL) 90'
USCGC Magnolia  Buoy Tender 1945 Mobile, AL 40'
Monticello  Schooner 1862 East of Mobile Bay (AL)  
USS Philippi  Patrol Boat 1864 Mobile, AL  
Phoenix  Battery 1864 Mobile, AL  
R. B. Hamilton  Steamer 1865 Mobile, AL  
Rachel  Schooner 1923 Mobile, AL  
USS Rodolph  Steamer 1863 Mobile, AL 12'
Sparkman  Liberty Ship 1970s SW of Perdido Pass (AL) 90'
USS Tecumseh  Gunboat 1864 Mobile, AL  
CSS Tuscaloosa  Gunboat 1865 Mobile, AL  
Wallace Liberty Ship 1970s South of Perdido Pass (AL) 90'

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