Historic Shipwrecks of the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Almost 400 described shipwrecks in this book, lot of them laden with unimaginable treasures, many with exact location, history, photos, maps and drawings, do not cover only Spanish shipwrecks of the Colonial Era, thought they form a major part of the content of the book, but also English, French, Dutch, Portuguese and apart from that historically documented lost pirate ships as well.

Dozens of maps with locations of the shipwrecks, over 50 photos and many drawings give to the reader more detailed view and information about all these, and sometimes long forgotten shipwrecks still lying on the bottom of crystal clear waters around the Hispaniola Island, which was for many decades the most important base of the Conquer of the New World.

  • Their location and provenance
  • Listing hundreds of shipwrecks
  • Hundert seventy nine pages
  • Dozens of photos, maps and drawings
  • Personally signed by author
  • Perfect gift for historians, divers or tourists

About author of the book: Dr. Lubos Kordac

Historical shipwreck researcher living over 10 years in the Dominican Republic and closely working with ONPCS, Ministry of Culture of DR, Museo de Atarazanas, author of the book “Hidden and Lost Treasures in the Dominican Republic” and new ” Historic shipwrecks Caribbean “, PADI divemaster with over 1,200 dives.

Aside from work with government institutions and Dominican museums, Lubos is a consulting partner with salvage companies from the United States working in the Dominican Republic. Well educated, he holds a degree in Economics with a major in foreign trade and tourism. He is fluent in Czech, Slovak, Spanish, English and German.