The Philadelphia Eagles Memorabilia Collection of a True Fan

Many people consider themselves die-hard fans of their favorite NFL team but Barry Vagnoni may hold the record for biggest fan. His team? The Philadelphia Eagles.view online source to see what we mean.

It stands to reason that this latest SuperBowl win was a great victory for the city of Philadelphia as well as super fan Vagnoni. In a talented display of sportsmanship, the Philadelphia Eagles won the 2018 SuperBowl. But as impressive a victory as that was, the collection Vagnoni boasts may take the cake.

Barry Vagnoni resides in Reading, PA, where he has two children and six grandchildren. He has loved the Eagles since 1964 and says that 1960 held the best day of his life; the day he watched the Eagles beat the Packers for SuperBowl victory.

His love for the Eagles is true. Vagnoni once commented: “Some people collect cars. Some people collect coins. I’m into the Philadelphia Eagles … That’s what I love. That’s my passion. Till the day I die, I will always be a Philadelphia Eagles fan … This is my love. Other than my family, this is my love.”

In the year 2000, he used a great portion of his retirement money to build an astonishing 2000 sq. ft. man-cave, known as the “Locker Room,” and it is chock full of everything Eagles. He was inspired by the 1989 Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams. Although, Vagnoni built a man cave instead of a field, his love for his team is just as pure. Pleasevisit site here.

His magical memorabilia-filled room is better classified as an experience than a man cave. This space boasts a 35-foot stocked bar as well as 16 televisions tuned into the Eagles game.

Bleachers to sit on enhance the experience as well as tables and chairs scattered throughout. Vagnoni hosts on average 150 people for every Philadelphia Eagles game. It is quite an honor to get an invite.

Every single square inch of space is covered in Eagles memorabilia. He is constantly adding to his collection and trying to count the number of items in his room is nearly impossible. He has signed items galore, some having been directly given to Vagnoni by the player himself. He even has his own small piece of turf from the former Veterans Stadium. In his own words, his man cave is a “utopia.”

For 56 years, Vagnoni has been married to who can only be described as a very patient and loving woman. When asked about the price to create his masterpiece, Vagnoni fails to answer, not wanting his wife to hear the figure.

Vagnoni loves to share his belongings with other true fans, but he does have some rules for visitors.

You can only root for the Philadelphia Eagles – just ask the Dallas Cowboys fan who was escorted from the premises. You can only wear Eagle gear. Come when invited. And never smoke or utter foul language. You also need to show your pass if you are ever lucky enough to score more